October Editor’s Note: Health Care for How Many and How Much?


Glad to be back for our Fall issue of the California Patriot! After some technical difficulties, we finally have the poll up and running and we encourage you to go back to our Web site, www.CaliforniaPatriot.org, and cast your vote. You will find another poll topic in this edition as well. We are selling advertising space on our Web site, so if you are interested, please fill out the cutout located towards the back of the magazine if you have a company logo or message you would like to have uploaded onto our site.

This issue, we decided to take a closer look at the controversial topic of health care reform in the United States. President Obama has called for change (not altogether different from his campaign rhetoric), and Congress has been at work to make some alterations to the system, so we wanted to get feedback at the ground level. We interviewed students ranging the political spectrum, and, as predicted, we received a wide range of opinions for you to observe. We would love to get your opinion on the matter as well, so please visit us at www.CaliforniaPatriot.org and cast your vote on health care!

We have a lot of other intriguing pieces in here as well. Alex Dubin writes a letter to the Republican Party on behalf of its constituents calling for their own reform and how to be competitive with the Democratic Party once again. Also included is a story about the UC Walkout. As covered on the news, over 4,000 students, faculty, and community members protested the recent budget cuts in a campus-wide walkout last month. You’ll find Charlie Deist’s coverage of the walkout.

We hope you all enjoy this issue and thank you for your continuing support. Go Bears (especially for the upcoming Big Game)!

Your Compatriot,


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