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The California Patriot is the premier conservative magazine at the University of California, Berkeley. The California Patriot has been recognized as the #1 conservative magazine in the country providing the much-needed conservative voice at Cal. The magazine is financially and editorially independent of the university, our support coming from our subscribers, donors, and advertisers. The California Patriot has nation-wide circulation but concentrates heavily in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Cal campus, and California. Our glossy, full color pages are printed on 100% non-recyclable, non-biodegradable paper manufactured from virgin rainforest trees. Our website primarily reaches the Cal student-body and those outside of California. The website averages 175,000-200,000 page views a year and features all content in our magazine along with web-only interactive features and web-exclusive content.

The California Patriot is a non-profit publication produced by the students of Cal. The opinions expressed in articles, features, photos, cartoons, advertisements, or editorials are solely those of the individual author(s) or sponsor(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or the Staff. Cal is not responsible for the content of the California Patriot nor is the California Patriot responsible for the content of Cal.




Editor-in-Chief, Brendan Pinder

Managing Editor, James Presley-Nelson

Opinion Editor, Jacob F. Grant


Andrew Glidden
Steven Johnson
William Kwok
Shawn Lewis
Steven Andrew Mireles
Bobby Saxton
Alexander Salazar
Joseph Benapfl

Lucius Cornelius


Publisher, Shawn Lewis


Kelso G. Barnett
Tyler R. Monroe



California Patriot is looking for writers, bloggers, artists, photographers and anyone interested in the business side of running a magazine. Founded in 2000, the Patriot has been home to Cal students interested in bringing uniquely conservative points of view to the news and issues happening around campus, Berkeley, California and beyond.

If you are seriously interested in covering all things Berkeley, please be sure to check us out before the other guys. We are more independent than the Daily Californian, Berkeley Political Review, Smart Ass, or SQUELCH!, and are committed to delivering the best in news, opinion, art, culture, sports and humor.

Go Bears!


Contact Information
The California Patriot
P.O. Box 4428
Berkeley, California 94704

Send letters to the editors, feedback, or write to our mailbag. You just might be featured in our magazine! Write to lett@californiapatriot.org or to the address above!

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